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About us ...

Pipe Band Hub was established in 2011. As a spectator at the 2011 European Championships at Stormont, Belfast I had to leave early and missed the results. Later that evening I couldn't find the results listed anywhere. I could find bits and pieces posted in different places all over the web and it was very time consuming trying to put it all together, and so Pipe Band Hub was born. I wanted to develop a place where all the information would be posted and shared in one place, and all videos on the web of bands playing would all be in be in one place for everyone to search and find easily. Initially set up in 2011 as a Facebook page called Pipe Band Discussions, in 2015 it was then changed to Pipe Band Hub after a Facebook poll for name suggestions. A new logo was also designed and put in place. I felt the name change was required as the page had become more than a discussion site. It has developed over the years and has now spanned across to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Audiomack and now this brand new mobile friendly website. Pipe Band Hub has a total reach of around 10,000 people across the social spectrum and continues to grow. This is a site for you. Feel free to suggest any features you would like to see on the site or anything currently on the site that you feel isn't relevant or isn't really working. Use the comments/suggestions page to contact us.  All comments or suggestions are welcome.  The site and all its social components are completely administered in my free time purely because of the love I have for pipe bands and the music.

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